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Normal Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30 & Saturday 10-1:30.

Uniform Resale

Anyone can shop at Poindexter's, with or without bringing in uniforms for resale.

If you are interested in submitting school apparel for store credit, here's how it works:

  1. Bring in your gentlyused, freshly laundered uniform pieces, free of holes, tears, stains or faded logos. All emblems, hems, buttons and zippers must be intact. We CAN NOT accept items with RC uniform logo (pants/polos, etc.) We CAN NOT take brands that are not part of past uniforms (Cat & Jack. George brand, etc.)
  2. While here, we'll complete the store credit certificate with signatures and our special stamp. 
  3. We reward you with P-Dollars for the pieces that meet our customers' standards for top quality. 
  4. A $10 P-Dollar will be given for every 5-10 pieces of re-sellable merchandise. A $5 P-Dollar will be given on less than 3-5 pieces. LIMIT OF $20 total will be given. (Dollar amounts subject to change at any time.)
  5. You may use your P-Dollars for ANY purchase in our store valued at $10 or higher. And in conjunction with other sales. NO VALUE IF LOST OR STOLEN. 
  6. P-Dollars will not be accepted if there is concern of fraudulent activity. 
  7. P-Dollars can be used in-store only. No exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are P-Dollars and how can I use them?
P-Dollars are our own brand of store credit. You'll receive P-Dollars when you submit freshly LAUNDERED uniforms, free of tears, stains, apparent fade or pet hair. You may use your P-Dollars toward your purchase of any items totally $10 or more in our store. They CAN NOT be redeemed online. NO VALUE IF LOST OR STOLEN. LIMIT OF $20 PER PERSON.

How many P-Dollars do I earn for the pieces I turn in?
You'll earn $10 for every 5 re-sellable items brought in. You'll earn $5 for anything under 5 re-sellable items. 

How do I use my P-Dollars?
P-Dollars may be used toward any purchase and in conjunction with other sales. However, they MAY NOT be used online.

Can I drop off uniforms when you are closed?
No. Items must be dropped off during regular business hours. Please note that during high traffic times, you may have to wait in order to turn in merchandise. 

Do you sell NEW uniforms?
YES, we will continue to sell NEW uniforms. 


Participating schools:

Sacred Heart Catholic School 

Cornerstone Classical Academy

Jacksonville, Classical Academy

Christ's Church Academy