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Normal Business Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30 & Saturday 10-1:30

Get to Know Us

Thanks for taking the time to visit Poindexter's Uniform Co.  We are a school uniform company located in Jacksonville, Florida, providing school uniforms to parochial, private, and public/magnet schools.  We look forward to dressing your students and helping them put their best foot forward.  
Poindexter's is owned and operated by two local women whose children attend local Catholic schools.  Both business partners are passionate about the City of Jacksonville and contribute their time to Catholic Charities, Wolfson's Art & Antique Show, their children's school's PTA and their local church.
"As a past board member of our school's PTA, I understand the frustrations of school uniforms.  As a parent I want in-stock inventory, affordability, comfort, and a friendly greeting letting me know you're happy I'm here shopping with you.  Poindexter's is exactly that.  We've brought it all together and can't wait to serve your students," stated Michelle Bedoya, Business Partner.
"We have created a store that offers three uniform lines, all geared toward your school's own choosing.  We offer style, comfort, affordability, and amazing customer service," stated Christie Toney, Partner.  
Poindexter's is located at 3730 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida 32207.  We are on the right of Beach Blvd., heading South, just before Kuhn Flowers.  We hope you will visit us at our store.
Please contact us at PoindextersUniformCo@gmail.com or call us at (904)661-1120.  We look forward to serving you.